This is a simple image (jpeg) viewer which uses libjpeg to decompress and OpenGL to display the picture. It currently takes one parameter - the jpeg to view to or a directory to recurse. If you specify a directory, the program will try to find all files ending in .jpg or .jpeg (case insensitive) contained in that directory and in all sub-directories. Once the files are loaded and the first picture is displayed, you can then cycle through the picures in normal order (using the space key, 'n', or the left mouse button) or in reverse order ('p' or middle mouse button). For debugging you can print the file list by hitting the 'f' key. To quit either hit the 'q' key or the right mouse button.

  • New: Version 0.2.5 added slideshow support. To use, hit the 's' key to start/stop the show. The default delay is 4 seconds and can be modified at compile time by changing PICTURE_TIME in stpview.h.



    Last modified: 01/01/2012 @ 06:24 am